Advanced Dentistry

    The latest advancements in dentistry allow a dentist to instantly diagnose a problem with the use of digital x-rays. Some of the more apparent advantages of this include less radiation exposure, as well as clearer and enhanced imaging. Another example of such technology includes chairside whitening, with the ZOOM System, allowing for whiter teeth in what would take no more than one hour to perform.

  One of the newer techniques Dr. Krinsky uses involves imaging teeth for crowns and bridges. Instead of the gooey mess associated with the traditional method of taking an impression, scanning the teeth to create replacements, is by far a superior, as well as preferred, method amongst the dental community. Dr. Krinsky is one of a small handful of dentists in New York that implements this ground-breaking technology.

Dentistry | Services
  For general dentists, there should be no limit to the scope of their practice. That is why Dr. Krinsky takes a certain pride in doing both cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry. This may include crowns, bridges, implant-supported prosthetics, porcelain veneers, dentures, teeth whitening, and bonding.

  Treatment is offered to children, young adults, adults, and seniors. Dr. Krinsky also extends his services for those patients who may require surgical, or the more involved types of procedures we offer; such as with root canals, extractions, pediatrics, as well as nutritional and smoking cessation counseling.

Cosmetic Dentistry
  One of the greatest desires in our society today is to have a beautiful smile and whiter teeth, which in turn - allows a dentist to use his skills and artistic creativity to produce an attractive smile.

  Cosmetic Dentistry may be done through simple methods such as enamel contouring (slight trimming of enamel on teeth that enhances the smile lines), whitening the enamel with bleach (controlled lightening with gels), Porcelain Veneers (ceramic facings put on teeth), All-Porcelain Crowns that block out dark areas of teeth, and Bonding (placement of lighter tooth-colored materials). Many over-the-counter products work, however a dentist-supervised treatment will work only that much better.

Reconstructive Dentistry
  Creative treatment, such as that of a single crown (full coverage of a tooth), or the complete rebuilding of a patientís dentition, can be a challenging, yet very rewarding, experience for a dentist. However, loss of teeth, loss of smile, and loss of chewing can be devastating to any person.

  There are usually alternatives to replacement of teeth, and with great new advancements in technology, these can be achieved painlessly, and even - quickly in most cases. For years dentists have made crowns, bridges, and dentures, but with advancements such as Implants (an artificial root implanted in the jaw bone), people can regain the ability to bite into an apple, as well as regain the confidence and reassurance of a healthy bite.

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