Dr. Krinsky's Office Address
2160 Centre Avenue
Bellmore, NY 11710
  Dr. Krinsky's office is extremely easy to get to. It is located just two blocks north of the Bellmore Train Station, or Sunrise Highway, on the north-west corner of Centre Avenue and Grand Avenue. Adjacent to Dr. Krinksy's on Centre Avenue, is a small white church (St. John's Lutheran)....

  If you do not live in a neighboring towns to Bellmore, getting to Dr. Krinkyís is still relatively easy. For those west of the Bellmore/Merrick area, just the Meadowbrook Parkway to route 27 (Sunrise Highway), east, and turn left at Centre Avenue, again just going two blocks north from there. You can use the Bellmore (LIRR) Train Station as a landmark, but just note that the Dr.ís block is at the very beginning of it. If you live east of the Bellmore/Wantagh area, just use Wantagh Parkway to get to route 27 (Sunrise Highway), and note that Centre Avenue is at the very end of the Bellmore (LIRR) Train Station.

Directions | Office
  Use the Google Map below in order to reference where you are located in respect to Dr. Krinsky's office, or simply go to Google Maps Online, and enter your address by accessing the 'Get Directions' link (around center-top of web page), to get a complete itinerary.

* Note, you can use the zoom controls seen on top-left of map, as well as hold down your left mouse key, in order to drag the map north, south, east and west....

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